Robot Overlords
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ROBOT OVERLORDS, starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson and directed by Jon Wright is set three years after the robot invasion, everybody has been confined to their homes and nobody knows why……Now on release internationally ROBOT OVERLORDS  has sold to over 28 territories worldwide. Aimed squarely at 10-15 year olds ROBOT OVERLORDS has spawned a companion novel written by Mark Stay, published by Gollancz and a computer game ROBOT WARLORDS developed by Iglu Media and available to download through Itunes.

Watch the international trailer here

“Fun, frightening and packed with heart……Perhaps they do make them like they used to”  MyM MAGAZINE

“An engaging action romp” SCREENDAILY.COM

“…The Goonies plus Stand By Me with giant robots…”  DEN OF GEEK

“..a joy to watch, fun as anything, genuinely funny, tense, brilliantly made…” BOX OFFICE BUZZ


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Robot Overlords